Friday, 22 Sep, 2023
Associated Ministries – Social Action

Prison Ministry

A number of churches and individuals in the Connections network are involved with Prison Prayer Ministries and Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Participants operate at different levels within the system, depending on the approval they have been able to obtain from the authorities. Some are involved exclusively in Prison chapel services, while others are allowed to visit prisoners in their cells.

10 Alpha programmes have so far been run over a period of 5 years, resulting in over 18 prisoners experiencing a miraculous rehabilitation which has stood the test of time.

Personnel who participate in this ministry are taken from within churches and they therefore join the programme with the recommendation of their pastors. They have found it extremely gratifying to experience the moment when hardened criminals come to believe that their lives can be totally transformed. They have also had the privilege of working through with these people the daily exercise of growing in their personal faith in Jesus.